On September 26 2017, Giraffe set out to Akropong Salem Presby School, to document what a day in the life of a student there is like. Exploring all corners of the school to really get a sense of what conditions the students and staff there endure. While there we were welcomed by the headmaster of the school and taken around by the two school prefects – Gifty and Joshua.

On our trip we realized how the infastructure had deteroriated over the years and had become quite dangerous for the kids to inhabit. It was also quite clear that the kids were also aware of this fact and were also very affected by it. 

On our little tour, we visited the canteen, where we had the chance to talk to Aunty Nana, the senior cook at the school. She had some energy that a lot of the kids we interacted with had also, that willingness to want to build something and make more lives better regardeless of whatever situation they were in. 

While there we put together a mini doccumentary of our visit. Watch the short recap video we put together on our experience of Akropong Salem and get a quick glimpse of what a day in the life of some students and staff is like. 

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