Write Up!

If your child is aged 4-12, please help them to participate in our first storywriting workshop: 'Journeys' by following the simple steps below.

We can't wait to read their stories!

Workshop 1: Journey

1. Read a journey story together Some examples are: 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson or 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. Ask your child what they liked about the story, how it made them feel, which part was their favourite.

2. What world is their story set in? Ask your child to imagine the world they want their own story to be set in, and record descriptive words/drawings/ideas on some paper.

3. Help divide their story into 'stops' Turn the paper over & sketch a quick 'squiggly road'. Get your child to divide their ‘journey’ into ‘stops’, including an end stop (max of 8 is best). Help them use their ideas to develop a plot, writing or drawing on the ‘squiggly road’ to complete their story. Encourage as much creativity & mind changing as needed for them to develop their own unique story.

4. Share With Us

..by tagging #giraffemobilelibrary on social media, or sending us text, pictures or a video by email to:


We'll choose some of our favourite journey stories to feature on our website!

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