Winifred Obese-Bempong


Growing up in Akropong, I experienced a challenging education of my own. Due to Special Educational Needs which my parents were not aware of, I often struggled to keep up with my brothers and found school work difficult, particularly spelling. Unfortunately, it still remains the same today for many children in Ghana. I hope that this resource is able to make a difference to children, coming alongside them to help them ‘stand tall’ and build their futures.

Jessica Cliff


Jessica works for the National Health Service, and previously worked in the education sector within the UK government. She has also worked in the voluntary sector for an international child welfare charity. She has a Master's degree in Child Studies, which included a focus on global childhoods and children's rights. Jessica has also spent time in two countries in Africa where she was involved in voluntary work supporting vulnerable children. She also loves giraffes!

Sampson Obese Osafo


I consider myself a citizen of the world, a proud African, and passionately Ghanaian. Resident in London for the last decade and half, I work as a Train Driver for London Underground, a job I so much love for many reasons. I am also a research student with interests in politics, education, law and development.

Laura Adams


As a Head of History at a secondary school in South London, I am passionate about education and the power of reading.  I have always found that books open up minds and reveal new worlds.  My degree in Archaeology, secondary PGCE and MEd in Professional Studies have equipped me in sharing these passions with the students I teach, and help drive me forward in the work of Giraffe.  I became a trustee for Giraffe when the founder, Winifred, asked me to consider working with her on this exciting new project.  I am now eager to see the power of reading at work amongst the children of Akropong.



I have always loved to read, and I feel privileged to have grown up surrounded by books. In my 15 years working as a children’s book editor, I have spent a lot of time thinking about, creating and improving reading matter for children. As we set up Giraffe, I look forward to getting books like these into the hands of the children of Akropong. I’m excited to be helping foster a love of reading in children who may not otherwise have had the chance - and opening up further opportunities through this. For me, literacy has always been both a life skill and a personal pleasure, and I am proud to be part of a project that aims to facilitate both in generations of children to come.


Learning Support Volunteer

As a Learning Support Teacher, Fiona recognised and supported her own 2 children in their different learning styles before finally gaining a formal qualification in the subject. From a young age, her home has always welcomed international students, many from West Africa. She was delighted to accompany Winnie on a recent visit to Akropong where she learned so much and was happy to share some information with fellow teachers. Fiona is keen to develop the relationships and has a variety of ideas which may support teachers in their daily work.

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